November 13, 2012 @ 4:08 PM


Secession from the US?

Targeting the Signers.

What the Heck are They Doing?


The petitions page at Whitehouse.gov allows citizens to file petitions on line directly with the President.  Once a petition reaches 25,000 voters, there is a response from the Administration.  This system was designed to try to organize all the requests to the White House, and to categorize and track trends.

This is reminiscent of the Hal Turner case in Bergen County, NJ.  Hal was an activist in North Jersey and frequent caller to talk radio.  He ran some websites,  and  hosted his own radio show, by his own admission he is a white supremacist. 

Why do I mention this? How does it relate to any online petitions...

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November 7, 2012 @ 3:31 PM


November 7, 2012 Questions

For those of you unhappy with the Obama win last night and the loss of any local candidate, I put together a little checklist for you, these should be answered YES or NO.

  1. Did you donate to your candidate of choice?
  2. Did you make phone calls for your candidate?
  3. Did you go door-to-door for your candidate?
  4. Did you get him/her on the ballot in the primary or general election?
  5. Did you have a lawn sign, T-shirt, or bumper sticker?
  6. Did you go to a rally, have conference calls or other venues set up for your candidate?
  7. Did you spend the last 4 years building an organization, voter base or voter list?
  8. Did you attend or organize a voter registration drive?
  9. Did you have a text message list and ...
  10. ...

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