January 16, 2013 @ 8:41 AM

Back on November 7th, 2012.  The day after Obama’s reelection I listed 20 questions for those people upset with Obama’s election.  Over the last week we have seen draconian gun laws passed that will not address the violence in our culture.  We have also seen people who voted for Obama and the Democrats complaining about high taxes.  What?  You didn't realize that if you have a job you are rich?  I found this out in my college courses way back in the early 1990's.

So I am reposting 20 questions., with one addition:  DID YOU VOTE?  If you did not vote then don’t complain.  I have been fighting  Obama with several groups since 2004.

If you did nothing don’t complain.  There is no time to get involved like the present. .

If you are upset over the political situation, ask yourself if you’ve done the following in recent years, and if did not do any of the following blame  yourself:

1.       Did you donate to your candidate?

2.       Did you make phone calls for your candidate?

3.       Did you go door-to-door for your candidate?

4.       Did you get him/her on the ballot in the primary or general election?

5.       Did you have a lawn sign, T-shirt, or bumper sticker?

6.       Did you go to a rally, have conference calls or other venues set up for your candidate?

7.       Did you spend the last 4 years building an organization, voter base or voter list?

8.       Did you attend or organize a voter registration drive?

9.       Did you have a text message list and send it out weekly to your people?

10.    Did you send out weekly e-mails, set up a blog, or website?

11.    Did you support an organization that promotes liberty and freedom?

12.    Did you have a community newsletter delivered to your target audience?

13.    Did you talk to your neighbors about politics?

14.    Did you run for office yourself?

15.    Did you try educate voters on the issue?

16.    Did you set up a Youtube channel?

17.    Did you have an online radio show?  Do you call into Radio Shows?

18.    Did you get copies of cd’s, movies or literature to hand out?

19.    Did you set up social media for your candidate?

20.    Did you get the skills necessary to do any of the above?