January 7, 2013 @ 6:42 PM



A Family Response Guide

By Jim Poesl MS, CIE

Now Available on Amazon.com


Jim Poesl of JCP Technical Services, a Woodbridge, NJ based Environmental Safety Firm, is pleased to release Nuclear Terrorism, A Family Response Guide.   This book was written as a guide for non-technical people to protect their family from the hype, and panic that may ensue during nuclear emergencies.  This is not a book of checklists.  A must read for disaster response workers, hazardous waste personnel, and anyone interested in protecting their community and family.

Jim Poesl has 20 years of unique hands-on experience in the environmental field including work as on-site supervisor at private disaster sites and several high-profile anthrax clean-up sites in the New York City metropolitan area.  He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental studies from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, in Pomona, New Jersey, a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Infrastructure, and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Policy Studies from New Jersey Institute of Technology.  He is also an Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Authorized Disaster Site Worker Outreach Trainer.

To contact jim for an interview or discussion hosting a seminar please contact himl at 845-406-9019.  The website is www.nukebook.info.