February 1, 2013 @ 2:33 PM


Tyranny?  What Tyranny? by Jim Poesl

A Response to Last Sunday’s Religion on the Line Radio Show.

This past Sunday, like I have for over 15 years,  listened to WABC’s (770 AM) “Religion on the Line” show.  The hosts Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and Deacon Kevin McCormack, said that comparisons of the President and the government in general to a totalitarian regime were not valid, since we can still practice our religion and we are not in hiding or imprisoned for our beliefs.  This is a common response to criticisms of the President and the Government. It may be true through the lens of Religious Freedom today, but I am not convinced about future prospects. To deny that the stage is being set for some type of future tyranny is not realistic. To deny that there are several trends and policy decisions that should make us all concerned is an understatement.

Here is a brief list of the trends and events that have occurred recently.  This list could have gone on for hundreds of items and still would not be comprehensive.  I have avoided conspiracy theories, these are cold hard facts and easily documentable.

 Economic Destruction

·      A national debt that is $16.4 Trillion (with a T) and growing.

·      Monetization of debt at the rate of $84 billion monthly.

·      $80 Trillion in unfunded mandates including Social Security.

·      The Federal Reserve (which is NOT part of the government) has added another $12 trillion in debt to bail out the European Banks.  So our true debt is closer to $30 Trillion.

·      Unemployment rates being adjusted through semantics. The true unemployment rate, which includes people currently collecting AND people who have given up looking for work, is up to 20%. NOT the 7-9% that is being reported which only includes current unemployment claims.

·      The need for Social Programs has increased because of the financial situation, and being funded through yet more debt, creating a vicious cycle.

·      Obamacare requires more debt, and still more taxes to fund it, and the plan hasn’t even been implemented yet.  Some estimates go as high as $20,000 per family per year.

·      Increased taxes on all Americans (Social Security tax) as of January 1, 2013..

·      Inflation slowly destroying the normal America’s meager savings and investments.

·      The Housing Crisis since 2008.  The Weimar Republic (Germany between the wars) had a housing crisis, which is one of the major contributors to the rise of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party.

·      Yearly budget deficits for virtually all levels of government.  The Federal government has not had a budget in years and funds itself on “continuing resolutions”.

·      The derivative market setting up the entire population of the world to pay off bankers to the tune of 1 QUADRILLION dollars by some estimates.

·      The largest employer in the country is the government at all levels, and it is generally a drain on the economy.

·      A “progressive” income that has been everything but progressive.

Civil Rights Violations

·      Sexual assault being legalized for TSA employees and calling it security, with little or no impact on actual security.

·      The USA Patriot Act many provisions are antithetical to civil rights.

·      Numerous Executive Orders issued by the President to bypass  Congress. 

·      Legislators like Sen. Diane Feinstein exploiting emotions and introducing bills for “Gun Control” that will do almost nothing to impact gun crimes or go after current criminals but serves only to create a new class of criminal overnight – the responsible gunowner who exercises his or her Second Amendment right to self defense.

·      Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization, NOT an American entity) being allowed to operate on American soil without American supervision and exempt from all Constitutional limitations by Obama through executive orders.

·      The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which allows the President to be judge, jury, and executioner of American citizens without trial, a direct violation of our Bill of Rights.

·      NDAA also allows for secret arrests and suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus required by our Bill of Rights.

·      The devaluing of human life at all stages. Wait for the forthcoming single payer system for healthcare, and the Death Panels (which we were told did not exist) but it turns out they do.

Erosion of National Sovereignty

·      The imposition of UN Treaties upon U.S. Citizens

·      Agenda 21—Mandating or compelling America to comply with “Environmental Agendas” (read anti-human, anti-private property rights) voluntarily, but imposed on us by politicians as a “remedy” for all things environmental.  Local governments like New York State setting up regional legislators (councils) to administrate.  Legislation without Representation.

·      The human induced “Climate Change” hoax.

·      China and other countries gaining mineral rights (including oil) in American territory, while American citizens are denied those same opportunities.

·      U.N. Small Arms Treaty does not recognize the individual right to self-defense protected by our Second Amendment and recognized for thousands of years in western civilization.

·      11 million or more immigrants in the country illegally.

General Corruption

·      Obama’s Fast & Furious gunrunning campaign to the Mexican Drug Cartels, with no convictions, and American citizens and border agents killed by these guns.  Then blaming the Second Amendment and NRA.

·      The Libyan Ambassador and U.S. military personnel murdered and the administration is holding none of their assailants responsible, government ducking and covering a scandal.  Investigators are told “What does it matter” when asked how it happened.

·      Extensive Banking and Financial Services Fraud (money laundering in the trillions with drug cartels by two major banks), with no convictions, no trials, no charges, and pro forma proceedings held only for show and TV cameras.

·      Voter Fraud on all levels.

·      Corrupt Judges and Activist Judges.  One judge in New Hampshire was caught on film committing a crime and was not disciplined or prosecuted.

·      The demonization of one class of people - “the rich” – but never defining exactly who that is.  Example:  We are going to tax the rich! And then discover they raised taxes on everyone.  This results in the decline of the middle class.

·      Since the 1950’s churches have been given the choice of saying what they want vs. keeping their tax-exempt status.

·      Sovereign Immunity protections for all government officials, rather only for first responders.

·      Media failing to hold public officials accountable, instead acting as a public relations arm for corrupt officials.

·      Last but not least, churches (the Catholic Church) being forced to pay for healthcare for procedures they are totally against.

This is just a small list of what is going on in America, and that does not include our extensive social problems.  Compared to many other dictatorships throughout history, it is not too much of a stretch to say we are being set up for some type of tyranny. What form that will take is up for debate and future events to reveal. Any of these problems can be fixed. It just isn’t easy.   History tells us most tyrannies come about because someone or some group took advantage of instabilities, weakness, and public angst.  Often the dictator sets the stage for a power grab.

If you don’t think it could happen in the West, here is a quote from Jean Monnet, the French economist and progenitor of the European Union in the 1950s:  “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening.  This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”  Within one generation of this statement the European Union was formed.  He and others worked to bring it about. Ask people in Europe if they like the EU now…especially the Greeks and Portuguese.

One of the often-quoted mottos regarding the Holocaust (reportedly from Swedish documentarian Erwin Leiser) is “Never Again.” We can’t tell ourselves “it can’t happen here” simply because it isn’t happening right now and go back to sleep.   We really need to take this motto seriously—Never Again. We must stay cognizant of history and vigilant of current events, fight tyranny however small, and STOP IT from growing. We are being set up for something, big.

Despite all of these issues, I do have hope.  The solution is to get involved, I have outlined solutions on my website www.whattheheckaretheydoing.com, and have written a book www.nukebook.info.  Programs like Religion on the Line may actually start inspiring people to be involved and straighten things out.